Ahhh Summer, Finally the rest of our ski-hard bodies get to see the sun (who knew a knee could get so tan?). After a busy and exciting spring season, Icelantic is taking a brief hiatus from the snow world to engage in everything else we love doing besides skiing. I know it's hard for some of you die-hards out there, so that's why the goal of this First Degree is to inspire those dog days of summer - and to share some of the activities we love to do, with you. So don't cry because your goggle tan is fading, join us for some summer fun: 1) Fore!!! Go golfing. There's a reason why so many skiers can be found with sweater vests on in the summer...you'll see when you crack that first beauty! (for discount rates, go to http://www.teetimeexpress.net ) 2) Read Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart 3) Take a dip in the local swimming hole. It's just like snow, only melted. 4) Brew your own beer! Yee haw! Yes, you have to be 21 to drink this - but I'm sure your parents would love the gesture. 5) Take a hike (or bike) at your local ski area - it's like a treasure hunt if you stay under the lift! 6) Get involved with local current issues. If you live in or around Colorado, check out: http://www.i70mtncorridor-truth.com It's an effort to stop the widening (8 lanes!) of I-70 (the main artery to Colorado skiing and recreation) and to promote the first high-speed, graded monorail, mass transit system in the country... Just think, après ski and no ski traffic. 7) Buy a Lionel Richie CD - and DANCE!! Yeah! If these fun-filled activities aren't cutting it, you may just have to buy a ticket to where the toilets flush backwards, and as we speak, both New Zealand and Chile are experiencing the best snow they have seen in ten years! Ay Carumba! Check it out: http://www.chileanski.com and http://www.snow.co.nz. For those of you who spent all your dough on equipment and can't make it down south, why not edit all of that footage you've been collecting this winter and send it in to us! Icelantic is always looking to enhance our already extraordinary team and we'd love to see what you have! Videos, Pics, unusual talents (staff fighting!). We love good entertainment, so send it on in!! You'll be too busy when the snow falls! So, hopefully these suggestions will help enhance your summer months. We are busy working on a new Icelanticboards.com, so be sure to keep checking in for 2006-2007 models! Wait to see what we have in store for you! Enjoy those summer nights and stay tuned for the next First Degree. Think Snow! Icelantic AT Boards http://www.icelanticboards.com ------------------ Copyright, Icelantic LLC, 2006 http://www.icelanticboards.com

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