Welcome! Now that you've visited the new website, seen our new boards, admired the sick graphics, and read about our new creations, it's high time we invite you in for a closer look at Icelantic. This newsletter begins the exploration of our truly unique company and it's evolution thus far. In the upcoming weeks, we will chronicle each of our models for 2006-2007, the Scout, the Nomad, the Pilgrim and the Shaman and discuss the inspiration and motivation for each design, name and graphic. Our boards are born from our experiences, thoughts, ideas and desires and are a special part of our lives. We hope to enrich your life and love for the sport by sharing these stories with you. Please, sit back, relax and enjoy the coming journey... I will start by introducing my friend, the Scout. (http://www.icelanticboards.com/the-icelantic-scout.htm) The Scout is Ben's original baby. Standing a mere 143cm with a 140mm tip, 105mm waist, and a 130mm tail, the Scout in all its being, encompasses the Icelantic philosophy of skiing and is a main reason we are where we are today. Ben, the mastermind behind this all, noticed a distinct gap in the industry that limited skier's abilities with one pair of skis. Sure there were super stable racing skis, and a couple chowda models or, if you dared, you could test your luck in the trees with any of these, but once you made the first decision, once on the mountain, terrain choices seemed suddenly limited to what was strapped to skiers feet. This is where the Scout comes in. Why so short you say? 143cm is a perfect compromise between the quick, responsive, maneuverable, packable aspects of a ski board and the speed, stability and aggressiveness of a longer ski. This is why we call them AT Boards. The Scout allows the skier to be their own Scout. No more asking the guy how that sick line was (that you would have charged with your other skis), or the little ripper coming out of the trees whether there's a stash in there or not. Now it's your opportunity to seek new frontiers, scout out the mountain, hike the ridge, or find the sweet spot in the trees. The scout is ahead of the pack, investigating options, exploring routes, crossing lines. As our pioneer ski, we thought the name appropriate to our efforts. Sure enough, the Scout returned from its first year in the field with a standing ovation and a plethora of inspired ideas. And the graphics? The Scout's graphic were created by our head artist Travis Parr, to represent the fusion of structure and wonder, science and nature, tool and terrain. We are intrigued by the balance of scientific structures found in nature, and how the relationship can create a synergy, like water molecules turned snow, so perfect and precise. Pretty simple really, but a definite cause for contemplation. Check it out: http://www.icelanticboards.com/the-icelantic-scout.htm I see a figure in the distance, must be Nomads... Until then, Icelantic P.S. Remember to ask your local dealer to try a pair! If there is no dealer in your area tell us! - and check out our website for the next on-snow demo at your mountain! ------------------ Copyright, Icelantic LLC, 2006 http://www.icelanticboards.com

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