Don't you want to be able to rip that park ski down the last, fast, shady run of the day without feeling like you're riding a jack hammer? Don't we all. This is why we invented the Pilgrim. We have introduced an aggressive sidecut to a bomber park ski, along with keeping the stiffness of our trusty Nomad and Scout, and adding a softer tail to butter up the landings. The side cut (127mm, 90mm, 115mm) along with the relative shortness of the Pilgrim allows for the ski to hold a surprisingly aggressive edge, much like that of a slalom carver with no chatter and full confidence. With this baby, you can turn your headphones up to hear the music, not to drown out the skid sounds. The inspiration for the Pilgrim came from four years of icing, uh, I mean skiing on the east coast for Travis and Anne. In the majesty of the Green Mountains and Poconos, we saw that park riders were missing out on so much of the mountain, many times this was due to the uncertainty of the conditions with their skis. Whether it was because of equipment or choice (who knows), we wanted to create a tool that would take us out of the park and allow us to challenge the sometimes icy, always steep, narrow and fast slopes of the east. **The Pilgrim Name and Graphics** As skiers, we are on a constant pilgrimage toward that perfect day, whether it's in the park or out in some remote backcountry -- a pilgrimage gives the sport significance and reminds us why we put ourselves through the cold, wet, aching knee days. The pilgrims in our skis were on a quest for new land, and the map and compass were the tools used to help them complete their pilgrimage. They set sail with this intention, and their commitment is what made it happen. You will become a pilgrim on these skis, and yes, young pilgrim, you will see what everyone is talking about. Check out the Pilgrim! Until next time, Icelantic P.S. -- Remember to ask your local dealer to try a pair! P.P.S. -- If there is no dealer in your area tell us! - and check out our website for the next on-snow demo at your mountain! See them all at ------------------ Copyright, Icelantic LLC, 2006

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