The Nomad is the product of the Scout's first assignment. After a successful first year solo, the Scout returned from a plethora of demos to trade shows, with a copious amount of rider comments, suggestions and encouragements, with a particular theme being the Scout's length. We listened with open ears and soon after, created the Nomad -- a longer version (156cm) of our original Scout. The length of the Nomad in addition to its specs (140mm, 105mm, 130mm) made it one hell of versatile ski. From chest deep pow to heavy, wet crud to hard-packed ice, the stiffness and torsional rigidity combined with the dampness and snap (poplar wood core) make the nomad a true AT Board. *** The Nomad Name and Graphic *** In a nomadic lifestyle, the nomad is sustained by his travels. He is an expert at adaptation and tends to carry everything he needs with him, always. The nomadic life is a constant search, relentlessly seeking the best experience. A strange appeal of this, however, deals with confronting something we all meet at some time: death. Throughout human history, the owl has been recognized as a symbol of dread, knowledge, wisdom and death. Our Nomad has come to a point in his journey in which he is face to face with the owl. Is he there to gain wisdom? Is he about to die? Just another affair in the quest for the best life...we all have them, some of us just don't see them. What is your inner nomad seeking? Find it. Check out the Nomad! Until Next time, Icelantic P.S. Remember to ask your local dealer to try a pair! If there is no dealer in your area tell us! - and check out our website for the next on-snow demo at your mountain! Dealers found here: ------------------ Copyright, Icelantic LLC, 2006

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