Finally! The Nomad...the big daddy. Our most striking ski, the Shaman was designed with big mountain, deep pow skiing in mind. The Shaman's tapered design along with the sidecut (160mm, 110mm, 130mm) allows the skier to keep an aggressive, forward stance when charging deep snow, while eliminating the extra effort to push the tails down in order to stay afloat. The side cut allows for the Shaman to be fully functional when you come down from the backcountry and feel like taking a couple cruisers. The Shaman's ability to ski "on-piste" surprised all of us. Ben skis on these puppies every day! We even found some super fat skins that work great if you feel like a little hiking! The Shaman Name and Graphic: A shaman is the healer in a community. In healing his community, the shaman heals himself and in this process, ecstasy is created. Our Shaman was designed for ideal conditions, which in the skiing world, can cure all that ales you and in many cases, bring you to ecstasy. The shaman is having visions from his intuition... everything in his mind is perfect. The Shaman allows you to approach ideals and manifest your dreams - no need to travel to the depths of the Amazon, your personal Shaman for the mountain awaits your journey right here: I hope you now have a deeper understanding of who we are and why we make the skis we do. Please ask your local dealer to try a pair - or, of there is no dealers in your area, check out our website for the next on-snow demo! Thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you on the mountain! - Icelantic P.S. -- We've added another video! Check out Ben and "The Professor" describing all of the Icelantic AT Boards here: ------------------ Copyright, Icelantic LLC, 2006

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