First off - A BIG shout-out to all the patient souls out east who were finally graced with some big storms! I bet that puts a spark in your combustion chamber of Wahoo! It's been an awesome couple of months for Icelantic: We traveled from Las Vegas to Munich, Germany, and many places in between, often bringing the snow along with us as we went. Scouting the upcoming season of snow products, Icelantic is, once again, a fresh and exciting taste of what is to come. And although many companies are beginning to incorporate artistic designs into their ski graphics, Icelantic remains at the pinnacle of expressing our culture and philosophies visually through our art. Thus began our annual pilgrimage to the various epicenters of the snow industry. We have been to the tops of the Tetons and the bottom of Taos, where skis were tested, praises sung, a few beers consumed and new friendships forged. The amazing response from YOU validated our efforts and renewed our drive! Thanks to all who rode our boards, shared your adventures and inspired us in our journey. Two good months remain in the season and our crew thirsts to soak up sun and snow. What grand adventures await us? What visions will reveal themselves? Will the Shaman of the mountain grace us? Only time will tell. Icelantic wishes to extend an invitation: Share with us your stories. What excites you, inspires you, nourishes you? Be in touch, send the vibe. Ski, laugh, read, smile, stay hydrated and of course, Think Snow! Icelantic P.S. - Send us your stories, we'll send you some swag: Go here now: P.P.S. - Hats and hoodies and more, available NOW. Check it out:

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