Travis Parr: The Icelantic Interview part 1

In our ongoing series, we're taking you inside the Icelantic headquarters, allowing you to meet the folks who create the magic of the award winning Icelantic AT Boards. This week, we meet up with Travis Parr, Icelantic's head artist. Recognition and fortune is the ultimate goal of most artists, but few achieve success by the age of 26. Artist and Icelantic At Boards co-owner, Travis Parr and I talked about the business of art, the evolution of his illustrations and running a business with your buddies. Cassi: How did you get involved with Icelantic? Travis: I had two opportunities [after college]. The school placed me in a job working for this company called IGT. They're the major company that distributes and makes slot machines in the world. They hired me to kind of design the concepts of slot machines and I refused the job to go work with Ben Anderson [a buddy from Clear Creek High School] in Colorado to get this Icelantic AT Boards going, so I could be part owner of it, instead of just being a little monkey down the chain, lets say. Cassi: He called you? Travis: It was crazy how it developed. He first started calling me about names and stuff. You know he was just honestly trying to get his ski up to par, I guess. So I don't know, we just sat there and talked for a while and finally came up with Icelantic and then I came up with the One Degree Celsius branding. Honestly we were just talking on the phone at first, I was still in school, and then I moved out to Colorado and just kind of sealed the deal on the whole trade marking, and marketing, and the whole image of the ski company. [I] just kind of polished it all art wise for him. And then, you know, it just kind of has developed into what it is today. I'm about to start 6 top sheets in a couple months for the 08-09 series. It just kind of keeps going and going and going. Like, I'm starting to art direct now, and be the head artist, and take on all the visual roles that this company needs to portray by hiring other artists. Or doing it myself. Cassi: How many artists do you have working under you? Travis: I wouldn't say I have anybody working under me. I mean I get freelance artists to come in. That kind of keeps it fresh, so I'm the only one really in the company doing it, but if I want another vision of something that this other artist can do, that lets say, I'm a little too busy for it, then I just find them and hire them. Cassi: What projects do you hire freelance artists for? Travis: Like tee shirts for the first year. I'm kind of looking for a graphic designer right now. I can take on the graphic design for this year, but for the years to come I'm just kind of keeping my eyes out for people that we can just splice into this, that way they can do all the graphic design for us. Cassi: Who have you worked with thus far? Travis: I gotta kind of keep it classified. Some people are working for other companies. Just artists. I'm living in Laguna Beach right now, next to [Laguna Beach College of Art and Design] that I graduated [from], and there's just fresh style coming out of there every year. So, hopefully in the long term, you know, I'm going to have like competitions for those kids to kind of get a little launch in their careers -- like it did for me. Cassi: Did you and Ben have similar visions of how the company would look? Travis: It pretty much just started off when we were talking on the phone; we were kind of just brain storming it up. He had his first ski, and I was telling him that he should do like the roots. Go back to like the Arapahoe Indians which kind of migrated in Evergreen back in the day, and have that guy represent on the top of your ski. [We] just worked these kinds of philosophies around it, like this is where he's coming from with the ski, instead of just putting a pretty graphic on it. It was an evolution. -- We hope your summer is starting out awesome! Be sure to check out Parr's online world at Stay tuned in a couple weeks for part 2 of the Travis Parr interview, where he'll talk about the inspiration behind The Scout, and more! Peace and snow, Icelantic P.S. -- Feel the love. Icelantic apparel never goes out of style! Check it out! P.P.S. -- Who is this Cassi? The "Cassi" who interviewed Parr is Cassi Clark. She has written extensively about the sport of skiing, as well as business, history, and playing house. See more of her stuff here: ------------------ Copyright, Icelantic LLC, 2007

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