In our continuing series, we're taking you inside the walls of the award-winning Icelantic AT Boards. Today we'll talk with Sam Warren, Icelantic's apparel designer: For Sam Warren, Icelantic is all about teamwork. The Apparel Manager and Marketing major at Metro State College in Denver, lends a hand where needed to help his favorite company design their success. With a keen eye for fashion and sales he prepares the migration of the Icelantic clothing for the streets and slopes. Cassi: How did you get in with Icelantic? Sam: I kept in touch with Ben through the years. Always been super inspired by the idea of Icelantic and the aspiration, you know his dream to start this company. Kind of was a fan of the company before I really got involved with it. Then Once I came back from San Diego I let Ben know I was coming back, and know if I had the opportunity to work for the company and help out anyway I would I'd love to do it. The boot kind of fit and he asked if I'd like to work for him, and I accepted. Cassi: When was that? Sam: That would be in the spring of '06. Cassi: What officially is your job; what does it entail? Sam: Officially, my title is Apparel Manager, but my responsibilities stretch a little further beyond that. I do customer service stuff, some shipping, some receiving. Basically aside from the apparel stuff, which is just, you know, production and helping out with designs; making sure that I see it through from start to finish; making sure we get the clothes we want at the right time and the right way, I pretty much just help everybody else out. I help Chez Rhinestone [Travis Cook] out a lot when it comes to trade show time in Vegas. I help Anne do some of the numbers stuff. I help with the shipping and the receiving and the packaging of the skis. Just helping do whatever I can to make sure things get done: a lot of customer service, a lot of replying to random emails, a lot of front office stuff. Cassi: And you're all located at the new Gallery on Santa Fe and 8th Ave? Sam: Yeah, absolutely. Everybody's here and it feels good. You know it took a couple months to get all moved in and set up. We kind of spent the last couple weeks preparing for the opening, but now that that's behind us, it feels good to actually be in here and working away with all four of us kind of collaborating on stuff, and just using all of each other's ideas to bounce off one another and get the season rolling. Cassi: What is your process for coming up with the line of clothes? Sam: Well it's pretty interesting. It starts with the design process. In years past, we've used Parr a lot as far as the designs, and we've outsourced the designs a little bit. However this year the designs came mainly from Ben and I. This year, at least, Parr makes it really easy on us, because we're able to just pull pieces and parts of his art right off of his art and turn them into designs that we like for the clothes. We get the designs; we establish how we want them placed on the clothes, where we want them to be placed on the clothes. Then we go into color schemes. What colors we want the garments to be and then which colors we want the images. We get our color schemes down and then from there, we go through a company called Rage Unlimited; they're located out of boulder. Chris Eks helps us out a lot. We use him for all of our production needs. He's got three 16-head-presses, so it's just an enormous facility. Great workers, great people up there. He does everything from production to, you know, he sews all the labels in, he boxes it all up, makes sure we're all on key as far as what we ordered and then gets it shipped back to me and then I receive it all and it gets put on the shelves for everybody to enjoy. Cassi: How do you decide what garment styles you go with? Sam: It's great to have everybody in the shop, because everybody has different tastes as far as what they like to wear. For most of the clothes we use American Apparel; they have a crazy amount of styles. We go through and narrow it down and get some samples; kind of estimate and guess as far as what we think people will wear the most and what we think people will enjoy wearing the most, and what styles fit our company the best. We always have one garment that we try to branch off a little bit, and do something new and fresh and cool. For example last year we did the baseball shirts, which were like a ¾ length raglan t-shirt. And this year we did a sherpa lined hoody, so it's kind of like sheep wool lined inside your hoody for extra warmth. They came out really great. We always try to do one or two items that are a little bit different, a little bit off the skew. Cassi: Have you had to discontinue any styles because they didn't sell well? Sam: Not yet. We haven't had any that people just really haven't liked yet. We've been kind of, I'd like to say really well researched, but it's likely more luck than anything as far as our styles go. We've also tried to keep it pretty basic as far as the cuts of the t-shirts. We like to stay pretty conservative; making sure that it's a type of style that our graphic would wear. Cassi: What is the quintessential Icelantic garment? Sam: I'd have to say it's the Icelantic hoody. They're definitely our best sellers. They're definitely something that you're going to use on the slopes everyday after you get done riding, and certainly something you're going to see the most out on the streets, because it's kind of been the flagship of the apparel line. Well, actually, the hoodies or the Flex Fit hats. Cassi: Do you have kids sizes? Sam: We don't do any kids sizes, but we do run our sizes from small all the way through extra large. So, for instance in the hats, a small hat will fit a kid. So there're no worries there. And then for the rest of the line we have ladies cut and men's cuts in every garment so we definitely can find a size that will fit everybody. That's is for this week. Next week Sam will return with the future of Icelantic apparel and much more! Until then, Icelantic P.S. -- If you're in the Denver area, be sure to check us out at 948 W. 8th Avenue, our new home in Denver's art district. We'd love to see you! ------------------ Copyright, Icelantic LLC, 2007

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