In our continuing series, we're taking you behind the scenes of Icelantic AT Boards, to bring you closer to the action than ever before. This week, we're continuing our chat with Sam Warren, Icelantic's apparel designer, a.k.a, the APPARELNATOR! Cassi: Does Icelantic have plans to, or can you do Custom clothes? Sam: In the future we may be able to offer custom clothes to interested buyers. As such, customers would potentially be able to pick out which Icelantic image they like the best and apply that onto whatever garment they choose. However, for the time being, due to production logistics we can only offer clothes within our line. Cassi: How does the clothing line relate to the over all Icelantic Philosophy? Sam: You know it just even another attempt to give people who are interested in Icelantic and involved in Icelantic a different medium to express the company and the feel of the company to the public. And really get behind the company. We try to pull themes from the company, from the skis and drop them onto the clothes, so when you're wearing a hoody or something, you still feel it still has the over all Icelantic feel. Cassi: How does the clothing line differ from other companies'? Sam: Our clothing line differs from other companies, I think, simply because we try to stay a little more artistic with it. It seems that other companies in the industry tend to just throw their name all over the clothes or throw their logo all over the clothes. We try to grab something a little more aesthetic from Parr's abilities, and Parr's skis, or you know different images that we come up with drop onto the clothes. We try to make them a little more artistic. Sam: Do you see featuring other artists on the clothes in the future? Cassi: Absolutely. The future, as far as the clothing line goes, is endless. There's a lot of room to grow. There's a lot of different avenues we can go down. And yah, we'd love to have new designs from different artists. Cassi: Any thoughts about Icelantic outerwear? Sam: Yah, there've been thoughts. It's definitely somewhere where we can see it going. It's a little hard to say right now if we will go and pursue that option, but it's definitely something we are looking into and kind of considering possibilities and thinking about what we would do if we do decide to go to that avenue. Gotta keep some secrets locked up in the closet. Cassi: When can customers come into the gallery? Sam: Actually our business hours, right now, are Tuesday through Friday from 11-5, and Saturday through Monday if you call in and make an appointment we can be down here to meet you to show you around. Cassi: Are Saturday, Sunday and Monday going to be your ski days? Sam: Absolutely. We definitely need a little time to get up there and test out the product I guess you could say. Cassi: Will the clothes be available in stores other than just the gallery? Sam: In the past we've kept the sales directly through us. The clothing line's kind of stayed pretty small, you know, we've kept it with just people who've been interested in the clothes getting the clothes directly from us. We have started to pursue the option of putting the clothes with the skis in different dealer locations. We're currently working on that project right now. More than likely you'll begin to see them in dealer locations within the next year. Cassi: Are you selling them online? Sam: Yes. They are available online. Cassi: Will you be selling the clothes internationally? Sam: It's a little interesting, because of the styles of different countries, what they're wearing compared to what we're wearing here in the states. But we're definitely pursuing that road as well. I foresee that there will definitely be international apparel transactions taking place here in the next year or so. Cassi: Will they be incorporated into the Demo Tour? Sam: Clothes will be incorporated with the demo tour as far as you'll see everybody who's in the demo tour in the clothes for sure, and we'll definitely send around sample sets with the demo tour for people to try out and get their hands on hopefully. If someone needs an Icelantic hoody or hat, someone will definitely get one. Cassi: Will you be selling the line ski shows? Sam: I think by rule were not allowed to sell the clothes at the ski shows, but we'll definitely be showing them at both ISPO and SIA. And, you know, taking notes to see what the buyers think, and hopefully getting them into shops. Cassi: What's your favorite thing about working for Icelantic? Sam: My favorite thing about working for Icelantic is being able to work with three or four really great friends: the team we have here couldn't ask for more. And I learn something new everyday from these people. Four really smart people, super funny, super friendly, I couldn't ask for more as far as the people I work with. And we'd love to have people come down and check out the gallery, and get to know us a little better personally and pick up some sick Icelantic gear. See you on the slopes! Peace and snow, Icelantic P.S. -- We have all of the new apparel showing up day by day, at our Denver location! Come down to 948 W 8th Ave, Denver, Colorado, USA and check us out! P.P.S. -- Did you know that Icelantic AT Boards are handmade in Colorado, USA!? That is just one reason for the awesome quality we're able to deliver. Come on down and let's get you on a pair. ------------------ Copyright, Icelantic LLC, 2007

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