As you might know, the early ski season in Colorado is suffering a snow drought. In fact, Snowmass was giving away lift tickets for free just a few days ago, the skiing was so bad. Now I've heard a lot of different reasons for there being no snow this year. Global warming. Cloud seeding in Utah. Seagulls that poop too much in the ocean. I have a different theory. It's our snow vibe! It's not STRONG ENOUGH YET! When like-minded individuals get together and throw their heart and soul into something, the universe will respond. For instance, in the 1970s a large group of people got together in Washington, DC, and meditated to bring peace to the area. Guess what happened? The crime rate went down. We can do the same thing together. But first we need to get together and DO THE SNOW DANCE. Let's bring more snow to Colorado! Wouldn't you agree? Personally I can think of no better way to do this, than to get on a pair of skis and start dancing my way down the hill. And you're in luck, because starting tomorrow, Icelantic is holding FREE DEMO DAYS at Vail, for the next four days. Where: Vail, Colorado. Top of the Gondola at Eagles Nest. When: December 5 - 8. Why: To do the snow dance! Let's see if we can change the weather and have a great time together in the meantime. See you at Vail! Until next time, Icelantic P.S. -- The weather isn't the only thing we've been changing. Check out the new website: P.P.S. -- Have you had a great experience on your Icelantic skis? Why not send us an email with your story!

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