Apres ski to FREE Skis!!

Apres ski to FREE Skis!! As skiers, we have a few things in common that differentiate us from those who do not ski. We love winter storm warnings. We Experience immense pleasure in scratching our heads after a long sweaty day in hat and goggles. We enjoy (well, sort of) shoving our feet into heavy, hard, plastic shoes. And one of the most unifying moments in a day of skiing for many of us, is a deliciously brewed beverage after a tough, rewarding workout, shared with good friends. For the second year in a row, Icelantic has teamed up with one of Colorado's finest micro-breweries, Tommyknocker Brewery www.tommyknocker.com to bring you a chance to win two pairs of Icelantic skis!! This year, we will be giving away one pair of 08-09 Shaman 173cm and one pair of 07-08 Pilgrim 169cm. The skis are displayed in the Tommyknocker Breweryin Idaho Springs, CO - and every food or drink purchase comes with an entry form for the ski raffle. We will be collecting entries throughout the season and will draw the names at our annual "Almost End O' Season" party at the Brewery in early March. There is no limit to how many times you put your name in there (or your friends or your sister's, or......) as long as you imbibe some of Tommyknocker's tasty food or quenching beverages So, for all you local Coloradans who are too often stuck in I-70 traffic right around Idaho Springs, swing on in, bring your friends and enter to win!! For the rest of you, next time you make a ski trip out to the Sun Shiny Mile High State, Idaho Springs is on your way up to most every ski resort you'll be headed to. It's a quick stop, an amazing brewery (with great tours!) and hey, what's better than free skis?! It's a great place to bring kids too! The season is upon us. Don't forget to drink water. Free Skis. Sweet, sweet free skis. - Annelise P.S. Our first demo of the year is here!! This Wednesday and Thursday Icelantic will be at Loveland ski area demoing our entire 08-09 line. P.P.S. So is our second!! On Sunday, we will be at Copper Mtn. for another demo! And this is just the beginning.... Be sure to check our demo calendar for updates on demos nearest you! http://www.icelanticboards.com.

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