Thank You! So I just returned from Guatemala (nope, no skiing) to find my email box full of replies to my last newsletter about the raffle at Tommyknockers. Apparently, the idea of free skis sounds good to quite a few of you out there. However, many of you do not live in Colorado or are not planning on visiting the mile high state this ski season. Though we like to encourage Champagne Powder face shots as much as possible, we understand that it will not be possible for many of you to make it to Tommyknockers. To accommodate for this, and to show our appreciation to you, our awesome online family, we've decided to host an on-line raffle - grand prize: One pair of 08-09 Icelantics of your choice! From now until December 31st, every item that you purchase from our website, will count as one name entry into the online drawing. (2 hoodies + 1 beanie + 2 top sheets = 5 entries). We will draw one name on January 1st, 2009 (Happy New Year!!) and notify the winner via email. If you are the winner, you will then tell us what pair of Icelantic skis you want and we will send them to you. Easy like Sunday morning. So, for all those art lovin, hoodie wearin, bald headed sick of ties and perfume people on your list, check us out: . There is something for everyone. (And don't worry; we won't spill the beans about your "ulterior motive") This drawing is completely separate from the Tommyknocker's drawing; it is exclusive to you, our loyal email readers and Icelantic supporters. Save gas and sanity, shop on line NOW. Thanks again for all of your tremendous support and energy! We love it! Enjoy the short week. Icelantic P.S. We are now offering limited edition giclee prints of all of our topsheets (2005 - 2009). These puppies are incredible. High quality prints on canvas, stretched to actual size. Click here to see for yourself!

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