New Eyes = New Ideas Taking work off to ski is an important element in running a ski business. Last Friday Ben, Sam and I spent the day at Loveland celebrating among other things, the day Sam was born. As many of you may know, I am the lone "tele-er" in the company. Sam and Ben have been wanting to learn the fine art of tele skiing for a while now, so we decided to mount up a couple pairs of 151 Pilgrims (AWESOME ski to learn to tele on!), demo some nice new tele boots and head for the hills. So there we were, two super athletic, medium sized, strong guys on 151cm Pilgrims and me on the 161cm Shamans (my favorite ski) - yes people commented, I chuckled. Within a couple of runs and some fool proof telemark tips from yours truly, they were charging - linking turns and feeling the burn. I got to thinking about how good it is for people to try new things on a regular basis - to test ourselves and to push our limits. It keeps us sharp. We are goal striving mechanisms - we like to aim for things. On this occasion, trying new things led to another incredible realization for me: the importance of us taking these days to ski. Every lift ride up we would talk about the run, how the skis feel, how different tele skiing is from alpine skiing or snowboarding, etc.... Who know's what would happen if we just watched the snow report and listened to all of you out there getting down in deep pow....... but I know if wouldn't be good. Skiing is a common passion for us - it's why were in this business, and it's this awareness that keeps us creating new designs and innovations to enhance your time on the mountain - and push YOUR limits. On that note, if you've been contemplating tele-skiing or maybe you're already tele and you want to lock your heels - I say - go for it! Our skis are awesome mounted both Alpine and Tele. About 60% of current Icelantic users are mounted Alpine and about 40% are mounted tele. Why not do both. Sam and Ben are great testimonials to this. They saw the mountain in a whole new light - and you know the seeds were planted for future developments in our line. Ben's creative genius is on max when he's on the mountain - imagine his thoughts halfway into his 500th lunge of the day. Oof. Here's to trying new things and awakening our perception. Happy Monday, Annelise P.S. I'm serious about the Pilgrim 151 being an IDEAL STARTER TELE SKI. It's short, relatively skinny, quick turning twin-tipped and poppy. Check it out here:

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