The Midnight Oil...... The Midnight Oil Around this time every year is when it hits. Ben hasn't changed his clothes in two days and he may or may not have slept on the Icelantic couch last night........ but wait until you see our new catalogue! Ah, the sacrifices we make....... The solstice has passed and the world (and our Christmas cookie filled brains) are once again, awake. With SIA right around the corner, our office has been an epicenter of creative energy, preparing the necessary tools to unveil Icelantic 2009-2010 to the ski industry. It's an exciting convergence for us - a meeting of present and a glimpse into the future. In two weeks, we will be introducing our 2009-2010 line-up to the ski industry at the SIA trade show. There, we will reveal everything that we have been working on for the past year: new art, new ski designs, a new rep force and a new theme that will awaken the industry to another dimension. But I can't reveal too much. You will see soon enough, my child. So then why am I telling you this, you ask? I have two reasons: First, I am consistantly amazed at the innovation and creativity abound in the snowsports industry and in our company especially. It fuels my fire and I'd like to share my excitement with you. Second, I'd like to point out that a major motivator for all of this creation comes in big part, from one source: you - our friend, the skier. Phone calls, emails and chairlift shout-outs are testaments to the enjoyment all you Icelantic owners out there are experiencing - reminding us that what we are doing is right on - and sometimes not so right on. That's the beauty of a not-so-large company. You speak and we listen - we love hearing from you. So keep it up! Shops are already selling out and our inventory is dwindling quickly. If you've been contemplating a new pair of Da'Nollies, act now. These puppies are disappearing off the shelves faster than a snickers bar in a liftie's hand. You Guys Rock! Happpy 2009! Annelise P.S. Oue clothing inventory is disappearing too. Don't miss out on this year's hottest hoodie. The Sherpa lined Mongul - perfect for your yurt in the Gobi. Check it out here:

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