Fat Skis Make You Stronger. They also make your butt look smaller and your tracks, prettier. At least that's what I've been told.... On Saturday, I took my Shamans to the top of the Continental Divide - or should I say, they took me. After a long car ride, squished between two strangers, legs bent on that weird, middle console hump and a Greasemonkey chocolate chip cookie (different story), we arrived at the trailhead that would deliver us to heaps of untracked, luscious, lovin. I was so ready to get out. About an hour and a half, one tired left hip flexor and 25 kick turns into the skin up, my friend looked at me, then at my Shamans and said, "Fat skis make you stronger." Pleased and amused, I smiled and said, "I know", then continued to the top. Upon summiting, some butterflies flew into my stomach. I was on an entirely new set-up. Brand new boots, bindings AND skis (YES, 09-10 Shamans.......oh la la!) AND I was about to drop into a line I had never skied before with tired legs. As the lady of the crew, I was elected to pioneer the face. Butterflies were a flutterin. I tore off my skins, switched my boots into ski mode, threw on a jacket and dropped a knee. Damned if I didn't have one of the best runs of the season! The Shamans floated the deep, steep, untouched face at the top; cut through the heavy spring crud on the sunny side, then held a solid edge in the shadowy wind-blown crust beneath the roll. And that was just the first pitch. We then dropped into some perfectly steep pines, in which the Shamans had a hay day; quick turning, super responsive and predictable. This was the perfect Shaman run... (okay, maybe it was a perfect Annelise run too...... I am "one" with my Shamans - ommmmmm.....) I laughed hard. The Shamans tend to do that to me - it's these times when I truly commend Ben, Trivy and PARR for pairing the model names so accurately with their ski. The Shaman really does cure what ails me. I think I charge him too. We make a good pair. Check it out here: http://www.icelanticboards.com/#/skis/detail/shaman Maybe there IS something to be said for fat skis..... Ski Strong, Live Long. Annelise P.S. We're off to Jackson Hole for a week today, then to Japan for two weeks after that! Get ready for even more amazing stories as we explore new mountains. P.P.S. As always, we LOVE to hear your stories too. MANY thanks to all of you for your calls, emails, lift shout-outs and encouragement. Such positive energy - feels so good.

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