Survival of the Fittest. Good Morning , According to an article I read three minutes ago, put out by the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, evolution has not "stopped" - as many scientists had thought, but it has actually accelerated in recent history. So much in fact, that they're saying in the near future, we may be able to see genetic evolution from one generation to the next. That's pretty incredible. This made me chuckle. I can't believe people actually thought that humans were "done" evolving. Isn't the "only constant, change"? We humans are goal striving mechanisms with abilities beyond our knowledge. As physical beings we have created once unthinkable things such as the Great Pyramids of Giza to my favorite, the iphone. As a business, evolution is the only sure fire way to succeed. Just look at the auto, banking now the insurance industries. Not much has changed in the way these humans do business in the past 40 or so years. Considering a laptop becomes "dated" with in 3 months of purchase, I'd say these folks have fallen off the ever turning wheel of evolution. And it's obvious by their current state... It's sink or swim. Yesterday was yet another day of evolution here at the Icelantic headquarters. With next year's line staring me in the face, I began to think about our five senses: Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell; and how lucky I am to have these. I then began to think about how skiing truly engages these innate receptors; we admire the bluebird sky, smell the pine forest, feel the luscious face shot, hear...nothing, and taste heaven. My question to you is, How will these senses evolve? What effect will computer screens have on our sight? Or prescription drugs have on our ability to feel? ugh - that's a bit scary. But I'm not here to scare you, I'm here to challenge you. In order that we keep evolving as humans - in the right direction - take a minute for a deep breath. Engage your senses and appreciate. Wait til' you see whats evolving here for you next year....... It's gonna be good. Thanks, Darwin. Annelise P.S. For an awesome look at Icelantic's evolution, check out our topsheets from the past 4 years here: . All available for purchase!

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