Lube It Up! How would you feel if you banned all sources of bad news from your life? How would you live if you weren't inundated with negative "news" about the "Economic Situation"? Now, how do you feel when you're on top of a mountain, breathing fresh air, feeling blood pumping through your veins? Yeah.... That's what I'm talking about. I'm sick of this recession bull spit. I just returned from a two day meeting with some of the major players in the snow sports industry. We looked at a few statistics from the past year, and to everybody's surprise, the alpine/tele ski market was UP (specifically the twin-tip, fat ski market!) This news obviously makes us happy, but it should also make you happy. You, are an independent thinker, you are brave, and you believe enough in your passion and happiness to invest in yourself, your health and state of mind. Please, take this moment to pat yourself on the back. What the world needs now is......this. THANK YOU, ONCE AGAIN for all of your continued support and for spreading the word. Remember that buying product from Icelantic, or any American made company greases the entire system that runs this country. From the metal edge supplier in Michigan to your f avorite neighborhood ski shop to your local ski mountain - It's a chain and we're the grease. Lube it up. We'll have it rolling again in no time. Turn off the news, bring a friend skiing. Have an Awesome Day, Annelise P.S. If you have never seen the actual ski production process, check out our video here: click the "Watch Video" button, then scroll to "Factory Tour". This is the real meat. Icelantic AT Boards 948 W. 8th Ave Denver, CO 80204 US

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