Empty Your Cup. The late Bruce Lee once said, "The value of a cup, is in its emptiness". I'm sitting in a garden utopia, surrounded by who knows how many different plants, flowers, vegetables, grasses, trees and I got to thinking about what Bruce said. This utopia is the product of my dad's passion. It is by no means manicured, or coordinated, but it has a truly magical energy that immediately engulfs you as soon as you step foot on to the thriving oasis. Last Spring, I helped the Crazy Norwegian plant his vegetable garden. As we planted the rows, I labeled them all with nice row indicators: carrots, melon, quinoa, broccoli, etc.... I then moved on to plants and flowers - planting seeds and labeling mysterious blooms. It's a big garden, so it took most of the afternoon and when we finished, it looked amazing. Organized, labeled, weed free and ready to produce! About a week passed and I stopped by to see the progress. As Murphy would have it, all of my "labels" were washed away because it had rained, and I had used a dry-erase marker. I was defeated and my dad thought it was the funniest thing in the world. He laughed and said something that made me think.... "Vell I guess ve'll see" (Norwegian accent). So, sitting here again today, I got to thinking about expectation. So many times, we have expectations for something we want to happen. When our expectations are met or exceeded, we are excited. When they are not, we're disappointed. Expectations, even when realized, are limiting. When investing in new ski equipment , people have expectations. Many people "expect" to ski at the level they skied at 20 years ago - to edge as quickly as they used to, to take on bumps without a blink, and to charge through pow like nothing. Unless you're following a disciplined ski fitness routine complete with mental AND physical exercises, your expectations just might not be met. However, if you approach each day on the mountain or each pair of skis with a "We'll see" attitude, you may be surprised at what you find. Physical bodies evolve as does ski equipment. Think about this as you go through the rest of your day. On your ride home, at the gym, in your email box; expect nothing - be ready to experience anything, without being directed by a scenario. So, empty your cup and prepare to have your mind blown. To Growing Things, Annelise P.S. QUESTION FOR YOU: Do you like this email format? Or would you prefer an html newsletter layout with photos, etc..... PLEASE respond - I'd love to hear your thoughts!! annelise@icelanticboards.com http://www.icelanticboards.com P.P.S. As you can imagine, the garden and grounds evolved into an amazingly bright, brilliant and fertile place thriving with life. Flowers grew where no one thought they would, bees came and my stomach was happy ;-)

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