Hump Day Humdinger , In honor of a great mountain and one of my favorite quotes, I would like to talk about humps. Humps, bumps, hurdles and frost heaves (yeah Vermont!) are everywhere. These puppies are there to slow you down - they are usually un-welcomed and many times, may detour your progress. Sometimes they do more.... While in Vermont last weekend a Frost Heave taught me a lesson. I was sitting shotgun in a friend's car, en-route to a magical swimming hole, when along came a "Frost Heave". As any smart driver does, my friend slowed to a crawl and passed over the Heave. This deceleration brought me back to the car (my head was already at the swimmin' hole) and caused me to look right. Much to my delight, there it was, the Camels Hump - aglow with vibrant morning light, radiating the strength and presence that mountains are. It was SO beautiful. We got out of the car, breathed, stretched and shared an amazingly quiet moment. Chirp. Chirp. We got back into the car and I thanked the frost Heave. Because I was so excited about our destination, I probably wouldn't have looked right to see the Hump. Thanks to the Heave, I did. Moments like these make me smile. I figured you would enjoy it too. It's a great metaphor for everyday and leads me to a quote I'd like to share with you: "One small step up the mountain often widens your horizon in every direction" Whether it's a step up a big mountain or a small step over a bump, take a moment to look around. You might be surprised at what you see. Happy Hump Day, Annelise P.S. Don't forget to fill out your survey AND get 15% OFF ANY ITEM IN OUR ON_LINE STORE!! Take a break now: P.P.S. Thank YOU to those who have already filled theirs out! Awesome response!

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