I know, I know.... Last week I told you that I was going to be releasing something to you and it didn't happen :-( Don't worry, it's coming - the release date is set for September 22, the first day of Fall - so be sure to look for an email from me with the subject line: First Tracks. I am pumped on this puppy - can't wait to share it with you! Also, the website. Yes, the launch date was set for today and that obviously didn't happen. We are sooooo close - but there are a few final touches that need to be done before it's worthy of your eyes. So, the proposed launch date for this is now Monday the 20th. These two highly anticipated projects are in the hands of the mighty Cyber Gods - and as many of you are familiar with the Cyber Gods, sometimes storms happen and things are delayed. But sit tight - it will be well worth the wait. And thank you for your persistant inquiries, I'm chompin at the bit too!!! Colorado's peaks are white now! It's coming, Annelise

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