The Beginning of Something Powerful.

The Beginning of Something Powerful. So, here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. Since I started writing this newsletter last year, I have gotten to know several of you through email correspondence. Many of you have and love Icelantics, some of you are deciding on your first pair, others simply enjoy the writing, but ALL of you love skiing. And I feel it when I read your words. There is passion and excitement for the coming season. There is endless inquiry into what Icelantic has cookin this time, hordes of input on ski design and construction, feedback and suggestions on the year’s graphics and best of all, stories. Testimonials charged with magnetic zeal and vibrating with excitement – and every time I feel this, I think, “We’ve got to get these people together.” So, as I am a strong advocate for the idea of getting like-minds together to create magic, I am thrilled to introduce to you: Icelantic’s First Tracks: The Inside Edge on skiing, business, adventure, art, passion and creation. First Tracks is an exclusive community dedicated to people like you, who have devoted a little (big ;-)) piece of your heart to skiing, and a whole chunk of it to a better life. Since this is our inaugural season for First Tracks, our focus is to listen to and work with you to create a seriously mind-blowing foundation for years to come. You are who we want to synergize with and as the great Napoleon Hill once said, “No man can become a permanent success without taking others with him” Let’s make it happen! Click here to learn more: Sincerely, Annelise P.S. Since this is our first run with this, we are limiting it to 50 people. So if this sounds like something that you would really enjoy being a part of (if your heart perked a bit at the thought of it) sign up NOW. Grow with us! ;-) Welcome. P.P.S. Happy Fall! It snowed in the Rocky Mountains last night - perfect start to what is going to be our best season yet!

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