Let's Get it On.

Today is a BIG day.... The beginning of what is soon to become something really phenomenal. And I promise, after today, I'll lay off the emails ;-) We have 7 spots left to fill in First Tracks for this initial go - and after today, this opportunity will be closed until next year. From the moment I relased this offer last Tuesday, our office has been buzzing. Both internally and in the periphery - ideas and inspiration have been spawning everywhere. We're even considering a major shift in our basic business model. How we run this ship. And honestly, we would love your input in some of these decisions. So, for one final offer, take a look at this opportunity: http://www.icelanticboards.com/firsttracks. It's pretty sweet. And it's being fueled by some powerfully creative energy. Wow... I'm excited. Happy Friday - enjoy the weekend!! Smell the change, Annelise

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