Welcome to the FIRST EVER Icelantic's First Tracks - and CONGRATULATIONS on taking a big step forward in your personal enrichment and development as a skier, the evolution of Icelantic and a revolution in the ski industry! We are SO excited to have you with us as we continue to push the limits in business, creativity, innovation and fun. I wanted to outline some of the details for the First Tracks program, just so everybody knows they're confirmed and part of the fam. Here we go: - Exclusive First Tracks t-shirt, decal, patch, etc…. I will send out a survey within the next 48 hours asking for your input on what you want…. Time to shine! PLEASE fill this out ? - Pro-Form pricing: If you know what skis you would like, and are ready to order them, click here: http://www.icelanticboards.com/firsttracks/proform0910.html (“Season Pass” members are eligible for 2 pairs and monthly members, are eligible for 1.) - Monthly calls: The monthly calls will begin Wednesday November 4th. The time options will be in the survey. I (Annelise) will talk on the first call – we will get a feel for what you all are interested in, then I will plan out the year schedule. We will lay out a year-ling calendar so that we can all get on the same page and prepare for what’s to come. - Voting Rights: First thing you get to vote on is what you want as First Tracks Members. Next thing will most likely be the new apparel for the 1010-2011 season. SIA is coming up soon, so we gotta get rolling! - Epic adventures: this will be a conversation as we get to know eachother throughout the year. We have ideas in mind, special connections and opportunities that we will present to you, but we want to hear from you first. - Access to eachother: We are currently working on a “members only” site that will be host to all things First Tracks. Here, you will be able to communicate with each other, with us, post blogs, videos, ask questions, etc. This will be up soon. And for the rest – we’ll address as it comes along. Since this is the first year, you will have a HUGE say in how it is run. So turn on your noggins, order yourself some skis and let’s ski!! Whoop! Annelise P.S. I will send out a survey most likely tomorrow. PLEASE fill this out, as it will be MUCH to your advantage!

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