Full Racks Good Morning %$firstname$%, They’re starting to show up everywhere. Ski racks full of skis and snowboards on top of cars filled with anticipation and excitement! With the opening of Loveland and Arapahoe Basin last week, ski season has officially arrived. Just in time for the season opener, a couple other big things happened here at Icelantic. First, the NEW and improved icelanticboards.com is FINALLY up! Yip Yip! As you can see, we changed some of the function of the site. We know you like videos, so we put a video player there for you. We will be updating the videos on a regular basis – and we’d love to showcase your skills! If you have any Iclantic footage you think would jive on the site, let us know! We’d be stoked to feature it!! Second, PARR is moving back to the Rocky Mountains!! After 7 years on and off living in Southern California, PARR is returning to his mountain roots – at least for a bit. This is awesome for A LOT of reasons, mainly - for you, this means that he will be around now at First Fridays and other Icelantic events AND (best of all) this means we’re going to be doing a nice amount of brain-storming and creating over the next several months…. So, get your umbrellas ready – I have a feeling it’s going to pour! And third, I just wanted to tell you that this year’s Icelantic apparel is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Sam absolutely killed it this go-round. I am currently quite cozy in my brand new lime-green Sherpa Hoodie. It has been Cooooooold in Colorado over the past week, and I have yet to take this puppy off. It’s true. I may smell, but I am damn comfy. All of the new softgoods will be on the website by Monday. I will send out another reminder, so keep your eyes peeled. Christmas presents?? DONE. Fall is such an amazing season. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am – wherever you are! Happy Tuesday, Annelise P.S. Check out how our skis are made!! http://www.icelanticboards.com Pretty sicky!

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