A couple weeks ago I wrote an email asking you to pay extra attention to our innate radar-net like tools we know as our senses: Taste, touch, smell, sound and feeling. Many of you tuned in and had some awesome stories to share about awakening your senses – so cool! Since that email, I have also honed in and started to explore these portals a bit deeper myself.  To sense is to define the edge of consciousness - to give dimension to experience and bring understanding to the unknown. In short, I’ve been completely humbled by the sheer magnitude our senses are capable of achieving. After dinner tonight, I took my dog for a walk along a beautiful path near my house. It was cold out, and despite my Norwegian blood, I am a cold wimp, so I was bundled up head to toe. Most of the leaves have either fallen or are dried and ready to make the journey – it was foggy and crisp.  About 30 minutes into the walk, I was hot, so I took off my hood, then my hat(yes, I had both) and BAM! Suddenly I was present. I could hear my dog darting through the dry leaves, feel the stillness of the fog, the squirrels scavenging high above,  the distant traffic….there I was. My back straightened, my mind stopped thinking and suddenly, it was all real.  This struck a sweet chord in me, I took in a big cool breath and I smiled.  Soooooo sweet. In my recent quest to observe and appreciate the senses, little moments like this have presenting themselves more and more. As a skier, you experience life on a completely different plane than a lot of other people. You know what the silent woods sound like when it’s storming out.  The smell of wax transports you to the top of a freshly groomed slope. Your heartbeat speeds when you watch the latest, greatest ski movie. And the best part of this all is, we still desire more. We still seek experiences that will push the limits of our consciousness – of our understanding. This is how we will continue to progress. Please Join Us in Awakening Your Senses. Be tuned for the next couple weeks as I explore each of the senses.  Have a sensational inspiration?  Let us know! Yes-sir-e.... it's Hump Day again! Annelise P.S.  The new softgoods are now officially on the website!!!   Order today – they’re selling like hot cakes!  http://www.icelanticboards.com

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