And happy Friday! As you know, December is when the Icelantic world kicks into overdrive. The mountains are now white. Free Demos every weekend, trade show preparations, exotic travel planning (:-)), production scheduling, new model development, event planning, Gallery openings, new model testing, the list goes on..... From here until about Mid-May, it's non-stop creating, solving, learning, applying and improving - basically on all cylinders charging full speed ahead. As you can imagine, it's very easy to devote A LOT of time and energy in to all of this... and believe me, WE DO. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming, and it becomes hard to see the forest through the trees. Yesterday, I hit a threshold in the office... in fact, I think we all did.  SO much energy and opportunity flying at us, it's incredible, and it's hard to step away and take a break. So, I left the office early and journeyed up I-70 to have dinner with my grandma - who I haven't seen in too long. To make a long grandma story, short, here are two things I would like to share with you: First:  Having dinner with a family member or long friend who you haven't seen in a while is SO good for perspective.  It gets you out of your own little world and shines some light on parts that you may have been overlooking. My whole "overwhelmed" little workd dissolved the moment my grandma started telling stories. Things will be okay - just take a step back. Second:  My grandma and her husband are 80 and 81 years old and they STILL ski at least 3 times per week!! They swear that this alone is the reason they are still alive, married and smiling. My grandma was telling me that whenever she gets upset with her hubby, she grabs her XC skis (nope, she's not on Icelantics.... Christmas present!!) and heads into the woods. Again, a change in perspective. One old wise man told me once that, "If you ski a lot, you will grow very old". I whole heartedly believe this - and I think it is SO importrant to remember.  Wisdom is to be passed down, so do yourself a favor and ski a lot, so that you can grow very old and pass down ancient wisdom to youngens so that they can continue to create and make the world a better place. So this holiday season (I know you've heard this before), I encourage you to spend some time with your loved ones and connect.  Opportunities to get together are few and far between, so take advantage and be present. There's a lot to learn. To Growing Wiser, Healthier, Wealthier and Faster. Ski To Live, Live To Ski! Enjoy your weekend, Annelise P.S.  Our apparrel is going FAST - If you're wanting to order Christmas presents, I'd suggest you get on it - Sherpa Hoodies won't be around much longer!!  Order here:

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