10-110 Theme:  TUNE IN If someone asked you why you like music, how would you answer? It can’t really be put into words or expressed by conversation – it’s just a feeling.  It is self-evident.  That’s kind of like someone asking you why you like skiing. Music provides a conduit for emotions and expression.  Without grammar or definition, music communicates the untold, undefined pieces that make our lives whole.  Music contains ancient patterns woven in time; there is logic, momentum, unbreakable sequences, flowing rhythms, mystery and clarity all working together.  Much like skiing, music is less about playing the right notes and more about feeling them.  You can travel to the other side of the world, not understand a single word on the menu, in the subway, on the computer keyboard, but the moment you click in and crank it up, it’s all clear.  No words need be spoken.  Feelings are shared.  Emotions created.  And experiences born. This is the music of life. So kick off your shoes, embrace the flow and TUNE IN! Blues (Nomad) Born in the fields, the Blues come from the heart.  When other musical styles were sugar coating the darker sides of life to appeal to the masses, the Blues faced these woes straight on.  The Blues facilitates the purging of self expression and emotion.  This release allows the spirit to continue to endure through the trials and tribulations of life.  Real, raw and unrefined. The Nomad is a one ski quiver.  Able to tackle any and every snow condition, at ease among ridges and peaks, and eager to lay into any terrain, the Nomad is an exceptional tool of versatility.  Its shape and flex give The Nomad remarkable stability, superb maneuverability and explosive power.  If you favor a bit of everything and want a ski that can handle anything, The Nomad is the ski for you! The SFT has the same specs as the regular Nomad but features our super-soft Nollie Flex Core.  The Nomad SFT is a big mountain jib ski that allows skiers to take their bag o’ tricks from the park into the backcountry. Rock (Pilgrim) Rock represents freedom, rebellion, expression and anything and everything worth standing for.  Rock creates conflict and sparks revolutions.  At the same time, it brings together like-minds and creates community.  If you allow it, Rock will open your third eye, revealing an unforeseen reality you never knew existed.  Rock on with your bad self. The Pilgrim is a twin tip, highly stable, powerfully fun ski designed for hard packed as well as varied slopes.  Available in 151cm, 169cm and 179cm lengths, The Pilgrim features a soft tail combined with a solid flex and substantial sidecut.  This gives The Pilgrim the edge – literally.  Our own riders describe the Pilgrim as lightweight, playful and powerful – a tool that does it all! Funk (Keeper) Funk is the sound of raw, organic, human instinct.  Made from beats, jams, pulses, and other cosmic entities from around the universe.  Funk brings it all together and has you dancing before you’re even aware that it’s playing.  It’s like a shot of intergalactic elixir direct to your soul.  Get Funky! The Keeper is a different kind of big-mountain powder ski.  With an early rise tip and tail, the Keeper’s ability to float through bottomless snow both forward and switch is un-matched.  With traditional camber underfoot, the skier’s weight triggers the tip and tail to rise, allowing them to blast through any snow condition with ease.  Combine this with Icelantic’s signature side cut and the Keeper transforms from a pure powder ski to a crud bustin, trench carving machine. The Keeper is Icelantic’s answer to a rocker, just different! Bluegrass (Scout) Bluegrass was born in the mountains and is to this day, a staple of mountain living. As early settlers began moving out of the city, into the hills and the country, they began singing and telling stories of everyday country life through songs.  Small groups came together with banjos, mandolins, fiddle, guitar and bass and expressed themselves at day’s end.  There’s a sense of freedom, newness, energy and the unknown.  These people were pioneers.  Pickin, pluckin and jiggin til’ the sun comes up. The Scout is an ultra maneuverable, extremely stable, high performance tool ideal for any skier.  This go anywhere, do anything ski is great for fast backcountry laps, ripping untapped tree stashes, blasting through cruddy, sun-baked snow, or just charging the resorts with friends.  The Scout’s signature stiffness, aggressive side cut and totally unique shape come together in a fast, fun and explosive skiing experience.  You’ve heard about it, now it’s time to experience the Scout for yourself!  The Scout is also available in a softer flex (SFT), for all you groms and skiers under 120lbs. Classical (Shaman) Classical music is timeless, complex and revealing.  Every singe note is placed with intention and charged with a purpose and a powerful motive.  Just when you think you’ve heard it all, another layer is revealed, more complex, more engaging and more compelling than you had ever imagined.  With the wave of a wand, the man in the powdered wig transforms a cacophony of parts into a whole, creating a serious force to be reckoned with. With a truly unique shape and design, The Shaman balances the skier’s weight allowing a forward, powerful powder turn unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  The Shaman provides excellent maneuverability while its 160 mm tip rivals even the biggest powder skis in floatation and stability.  And don’t be fooled by the wide girth, the Shaman rips the groomers with its aggressive sidecut and torsional rigidity.  This powder ski will leave trenches on the hard-pack.  Seriously. Soul  (Oracle) Soul music comes from deep within.  Sensual, transparent and telling, Soul Divas weren’t afraid to belt it out and let their emotions be known.   Born in the sanctity of churches, soul communicates to the listener, a message from the heart, a finely tuned vibration that is able to pierce through just about any armor.  The mainstream acceptance of soul was a turning point in the integration of race, culture, sex and acceptance.  A key that opens doors to opportunity. The Oracle is designed for women who are tired of women’s skis.  Integrating a new “Fly-weight” core with the same quality lay-up, makes The Oracle equal in strength, but a bit lighter for a women’s frame.  The Oracle has an early rise tip for maximum flotation and charge, with a traditional, scooped tail.  The design is slightly tapered, allowing the skier to maintain a forward, aggressive stance in any condition. So hop on snow bunnies and lead the charge! Hip Hop (Da’Nollie) Hip Hop is expression.  A high energy form of poetry that invokes the listener to look at life through different lenses.  Born from a need to express in an urban environment, hip-hop has taken to the streets, providing an outlet of creativity, a vehicle to let your voice be heard.  Feel the beats and listen to the lyrics. There are no rules in hip-hop, except one:  Be Original! Da Nollie is a brand new kind of park ski for the most progressive of park riders.  This model contains Icelantic’s Nollie-Flex Core, which features a powerful ‘pop zone’ that lets the rider Ollie, Nollie and butter the hell out of any feature on the hill.  In an age where style points rule supreme, Da Nollie takes park riding to a whole new dimension.  This fresh new ski is the real deal - catch on now before it passes you by. Poles Tired of your embarrassing, rental poles crampin your style?  Icelantic is proud to introduce a perfect compliment to your Icelantic skis…. Icelantic Poles!  Made from light weight, high quality aluminum, and featuring a 95mm powder basket, these poles will help you get around, all over the mountain.  True to Icelantics commitment to visual pleasures, these poles boast original art by Parr, providing an endless journey on every, single chairlift ride. Giclees Back by popular demand, Icelantic is proud to offer Giclee prints of our 2010-2011 graphics – available for purchase!  The Giclee process has allowed for us to reproduced Parr’s original paintings to a brilliant standard so good, it makes it hard to tell the difference between the original and the print!  A Giclee print is created through an ink-jet printing process which is applied directly onto a stretched canvas and delivered ready to display in your home, office or shop.  These are original size, high quality pieces of art – excellent conversation pieces.  They are a compelling enhancement to your on-floor display – a perfect complement to your ski-poster laden walls.

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