Oh life.

We’re on the train from Praha to Munich.  Our scheduled flight is already half-way across the Atlantic.  We had to change it because the overnight bus from Praha only had two of our three reservations and it was “completely full”.

We tried offering two girls a nice chunk o’ moola for their seats so we could get on.

They didn’t take it.

So, at (REALLY COLD and snowy) 1:30am, we caught a taxi back to the university dorms we were staying at.  Got online, on the phone and in broken English, we learned from another student, that there was no way we were getting to Munich by 10am. Our only option was to extend our trip for one more day. So here we are. After a three hour nap, gently swaying with the motions of the train – my favorite, Parr and I are sitting in a car – he’ painting, I’m writing. Ben is passed out. It’s been four weeks of non-stop, balls-to-the-wall people, press, parties, late nights, early mornings, problem solving, language translation, logistics, adventures, challenges, learning, creating and discovering…. Oh, and some liters of German beir ;-) Whew! I’m exhausted and ready to breathe. To do some yoga, see my dogs and cat and just chill for a moment – not worry about anyone else but me. But this time on the train has given me the opportunity to decompress a bit. To reflect on the past several weeks and make something of all this madness. One thing that shines through strongly in all of this, is that we are creators. We are making shit happen. And people are tuning in to it. I’ve written about this before, but every time I travel, I am reminded, yet again of it’s potency. Skiing is a sport born from passion. Passion transcends all boundaries – and when you can connect with some one through a passion, then no words need be spoken. There is an understanding. Even in Munich at ispo – the world’s largest sports trade show with over 2000 exhibitors and lord knows how many attendees, every day ended with a group of brand new, absolutely phenomenal people – quite possibly the best in the show.

Motivated, passionate, creative, fun loving and SO full of life – these people are awesome.

It was good to see that this fact is universal. As many of you know, our SIA tradeshow this year was by far the most successful tradeshow we’ve had yet.

I measure this in terms of press coverage, sales made, general exposure, retail accounts who showed serious interest, people’s responses to what we were offering and the sheer number of outstanding people we had at our booth at any given moment.

TV and radio stations, magazines, free-lance journalists, senators, rock stars, you name it.  People wanted a piece of what we were offering. It was unbelievable. It’s been a crazy journey so far, and this past month has shown all of us that it’s really only just begun.

It’s true that the more you know, the more you want to know.

It’s the same with growing, developing and creating - the deeper you dive in, the more you see and the more expansive your perspective becomes.

So, here’s to traveling - around the world and inside your head.

To pushing limits and taking chances.

To opening to the flow.

We’re back in the office on Monday and as always, we’d love to hear from you. We’re trying to get this blog up and running ,so if there’s anyone out there who has any expertise in this arena, please do chime in. We’re all in. Enjoy. -Anne

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