Welcome to First Tracks 2010-2011! Below is a list of the three membership level options, along with their benefits and investment. And remember, if any of your friends of family are interested in First Tracks, the ski industry, or just want a smokin deal on a new pair of skis (or two!), when you refer 3 people to First Tracks Nomad membership, you get 50% off of which ever level you want to join at for 2010-2011! Pro-form pricing on skis alone, makes up for the investment - it's a pretty smokin deal, really. Additionally, since we would love to have you with us as we make this next giant step, even if you don't refer 3 people, we are offering the Nomad membership to you for the same price as the "Season Pass" Scout membership. A couple extra perks in there for you that we think you'll enjoy. So please, check it out and get back to me with any questions. So stoked to have you here! Membership Levels The SCOUT Membership The Scout is for you if you’re ready to dabble in the ski industry a little more. You are curious to see behind the scenes at Icelantic, are ready for a little more skiing in your life, and you’ve been thinking about buy a new pair of Icelantic’s anyways. You support Icelantic and are ready to meet other like-minded, creative, adventurous individuals. Cost: $327/year or $29.97/month • Pro-form pricing on one (1) pair of your choice ski ($360 value) • Exclusive First Tracks T-shirt, Patch and Decal • Access to password protected, member’s only discussions regarding company decisions (marketing strategy, pricing, product development…) • Monthly phone calls with Icelantic – interviews, rants, raves, discussions, stories…. • Opportunity to be an “Industry Insider” for Icelantic – on various on-line forums/blogs, etc • Access to First Track’s First Class Rolodex, a wealth of knowledge and characters, passions and potential – the people of the First Tracks community • First Tracks Business Cards –to help spread the word and save your voice on the chair lift…. • Access to partners discounts – Icelantic teams up with other companies in the industry to offer big discounts. • CSCUSA Gems Card – offers deep discounts on all of Colorado’s “Gem” resorts • Opportunity to help with on-mountain demos. • Access to Icelantic Events (concerts, shows, gallery openings) • Springtime product testing and feedback • Entry to SIA – the biggest snow-sports trade show in North America • Signed posters of Leigh Powis and Josh Stack – Icelantic’s newest, biggest, baddest team riders. The NOMAD Membership The Nomad membership is for you if you believe in Icelantic and in the power of a collective consciousness. You see the potential in joining a community like this, are ready to buy you and your (wife, friend, son) a new pair of Icelantic’s, and wouldn’t mind having a signed PARR print hanging in your living room. You like Icelantic’s clothing and are planning on giving a hoodie or two as a gift for Christmas – plus, you talk a lot and wouldn’t mind earning yourself a pair of skis as a referral bonus! Cost: $497/year or $44.97/month. In addition to ALL of the benefits included in the Scout membership, Nomad members will receive: • Signed PARR print/poster • 15% discount on all other Icelantic Products (Giclees, hoodies, hats, all softgoods) • Exclusive Nomad Retreat mid-season. Location, TBD. • Day on the mountain with a professional ski photographer • Exclusive Nomad parties – dinner parties, Icelantic events… You help us decide! • Icelantic business cards with your name on it – for referrals, etc… • Referral bonuses – sell or refer 10 pairs of skis, get yourself a pair! The SHAMAN Membership This is the big daddy. As a Shaman, you’re ready to take a trip…. Or two. You’re an enthusiastic, long-time Icelantic supporter and would love to adventure with the crew. You have a serious zest for new experiences, expanding your mind and creating memories and fuel for living. You are ready to meet other people like this and share stories from all parts of the world with them. Cost: $4,997/year In addition to ALL of the benefits included in the Nomad membership, Shaman members will receive: • Icelantic email address – yourname@icelanticboards.com • A heli-ski trip in AK or Canada – mid-late spring • An Austrian ski adventure in mid-February • An exclusive First Tracks Icelantic Jacket – representin’ in style. • Pro-form pricing on as many skis as my heart desires! • Write it off! This can easily be written off as an educational business expense. We’ll help you! ** Dates for trips/retreats will be set by October 31, 2010. ** Cost of trips are not included in the membership investment. Costs for the trips will be ADDITIONAL. If you have always been curious about what goes on behind the scene in the ski industry, if you work in the city, far away from the mountains and need a little ski friendly outlet, or if you simply want a damn deep discount on your next pair of Icelantics, then give First Tracks a shot. We would be honored to have you join our community!

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