Every week, our in boxes are flooded with electric testimonials from people all over the world skiing Icelantic's. From 10 year olds rippin park in the North East to 78 year old women on dawn patrol in Northern Norway, people are excited, to say the least, about their Icelantic's and love sharing their enthusiasm with us. Finding a passion charged testimonial in my inbox is one of my favorite ways to start the day. While we try not to let it "go to our heads", it's always a good reminder of why we do what we do, and adds a bit of fodder to our fires. Since I find these testimonials so uplifting, I figured you might too. So, from now on, I declare Tuesday's to be, "Testie Tuesday", or if that's too dirty for you, then "Testimonial Tuesday" it is. I will be sending one smile forming, heart racing, only "minor-ly distracting" testimonial a week to this newsletter as well as posting them on the here on our blog. If you send in a testimonial and it happens to make it the cut onto our stage, we'll reward you with a little some'n some'n. Testimonials can come in many forms:  email, video, photos, whatever vehicle you choose to get get your point across. And we love creativity. So, if your Shaman's show you something, let us know. If your Keepers carry you to another planet, let us know. If your Scouts make you a new friend, we want to hear about it. You Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark.  ;-) Alright, now to start Testie Tuesday, and because this email is already long, I'm going to adhere to my KISS principles (Keep It Simple Stupid) and share with me one of my favorite, to-the-point testimonials to date. The line comes from Chip Bair, owner and Founder of Beau Jo's Pizza, Colorado's most famous (and delicious) pizza. When asked what he thought of his new Scouts (mounted Tele), he replied, without a shadow of a doubt and with a BIG smile, "I don't ski anymore.... I DANCE!" And at that moment. I saw true love. Skis will do it to ya.. So next time you have an a-ha experience on your Icelantics, we'd love to hear it. And so would everybody else ;-) Happy Tuesday, -Annelise


augury pass brewing company:

love the bangers ep 3 video. that may be an improper use of automatic faucets though ;) gallery looks sick! nice job scotty et all. next time you’re in vt for a wedding let us know before you have to leave :)

Jun 18, 2015

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