Yesterday I went skiing with two new ski buddies, both of whom had ipod shuffles and one ear bud in their right ears – listening to music the whole day (and occasionally, to me – if I was telling them where to get the goods ;-)) I don’t ski to music, but I’d say a majority of the people I ski with, do, so I got to thinking about where this whole idea of having music with you everywhere you go, came from. And here’s what I found: <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> The Boom Box revolutionized self-expression through means of music. Whether you were bumpin Ben’s favorite, ABC on your shoulder through downtown L.A., rockin out to Led Zepplin on the park bench with buddies, or debuting your newest bedroom recording to the world, the BOOMBox made three things possible: 1.  It allowed the carrier to JAM everywhere he went (despite the wishes of his surrounding peeps) 2.  It created a portal from which the carrier to express, make a statement, and entertain – 3.  It probably exposed a lot of people to a whole new world they never even knew existed. 4.  It most likely sparked impromptu dance parties, that before this wonderful creation, would not have happened. Yessssssssss. (just thought of that one) In any case, the BOOMBOX revolutionized music and people’s relationship to their favorite jams. Unfortunately, the BOOMBOX was heavy and people’s shoulders started to get tired. So after a short stint, the BOOMBOX evolved into the walkman, which turned into a discman, then into a Minidisc/mp3 player, then ipod, and finally, the square inch wonder BOOMBOX, the ipod shuffle. I wonder how many different bands are playing on the mountain at any given moment. Every single skier is in their own world, and music is like a stimulant that works to enhance the experience even more. So, if you have an ipod, walkman, or simply like rockin out to while at work, let’s take a moment and thank the creators of the BOOMBOX, because without that puppy, who knows how we’d get through the day. And to ipod shuffles – our Shoulders thank you. -Annelise P.S.  We’re having a HUGE  pole sale starting TODAY FOR ONE WEEK ONLY.  To get 50% off your favorite pair of Icelantic poles, click here: and enter the Coupon Code, “POLES” when checking out. Get yer poles today!

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