Hey there, Chris here from Icelantic. It’s that time of the year again, when the snow stops falling and the flowers start growing. Now, before we all go into our annual depression of snowfall withdrawal, we thought we’d share with you one last video of some late season powder from Loveland Ski Area. Watch both the Shaman, and our new model, the Gypsy, glide through some late April fluff on the Continental Divide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93u70g3FONE&feature=youtu.be In other news, we are in the middle of our Annual Spring Demo Ski Sale. All skis are $300 per pair (no warranty on these ones, but they are all still in good shape) and come without bindings. We can ship domestically for an additional $25 charge. Email info@icelanticboards.com if interested…Here’s the list of what’s still available: (1) 180 Da’Nollie, 2010-2011 (1) 169 Pilgrim, 2010-2011 (2) 160 Da’Nollies, 1 from 2010-2011, 1 from 2008-2009 (1) 161 Shaman, 2006-2007 (very rare ski and quite the find!) (7) 156 Nomads, regular flex, 5 from 2010-2011, 1 from 2009-2010, 1 from 2007-2008 (2) 151 Pilgrims, 1 from 2006-2007, 1 from 2007-2008 Lastly, we just got a large shipment of new 1 Degree Hats!! These are our 2011-2012 styles, so be the first on your block to get one!! Everything from Classic Colorado colors to Rastafarian Red to some classy Plaid, we have tons of styles to suit anyone out there. Here’s the link to browse our new hats: http://icelanticboards.com/store/ball-cap/ On behalf of everyone at Icelantic, we hope you all had a great season that was full of powder turns, smiles and overall good times! Until next time, keep on shreddin’...or at least in our dreams…for now…:) --Chris


Roert Brookes:

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Jun 18, 2015

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