Ain't nothin Gonna Break My Stride... Yesterday I spent the day with my Mom, eating, drinking, shopping, skiing and laughing. Every time I spend time with my Mom, who has WAY more energy than I do (yes, it's true), I marvel at her enthusiasm for life, big picture perspective - and her uncanny ability to make things happen. In my time here so far, I've noticed that a lot of moms have these characteristics - and I suppose they're necessary if you want to raise a kid full of life and love and hope. Moms lead the way - fearlessly paving a path for their chitlens to prosper, grow and share. Thank you, Moms. So, without getting too sappy, here's a little song for all the moms out there who won't let nothin break their stride ;-) We dance to this song in the office a lot. I hope you got to spend some QT with your mama this weekend, in whatever form that comes in. Enjoy The Music, And Happy Mother's Day. Annelise P.S. It's gettin to be campfire time! Think your mama would like a new Icey Flanel? Check it out:

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