Good ‘morrow citizens – Well, there is this shop in St. Paul, Minnesooowta and it’s kind of the business in the upper Midwest region, boasting a nationwide presence with its own legit team of pro riders. Dubbed, The House Boardshop, although this place is far from simply a rider’s paradise. The House caters to all types of snow shredders, and now in its inaugural year with The House, Icelantic has been warmly welcomed into their eclectic mix of brands. We sat down (well I was in my chair at home and he was at his Shop in Minnesota, but we were both sitting) with Shawn Mack, Retail Sales Manager of The House to get a little more information on how The House started. Read on to see why Shawn loves his job, and promises that curling is a real sport. The House Boardshop Location of shop: St Paul Minnesota How it all started: We started in ’82 as a Windsurf shop and it grew from there to where we are now. Sending all sorts of goodies on a global scale and helpin out the folks here in the local scene. Cool fact about interviewee: I curled for several years. And yes, it’s a sport for those that didn’t know that. Favorite thing about working at (your shop) Totally different. Every day. Awesome posse of people to work with and for. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Shop theme song: There is sooo much 80s tunes going on in here to pick just one. If I had to, it would be Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider. Shop specialty: Snowboards primarily. This is only our 3rd full season carrying skis. And we have absolutely been killing it. People are hyped to see us with gear they are so passionate about. It is really cool to see. Local mountain served: Being in a metro area there really isn’t JUST one mountain. We have Afton, Trollhaugen, Wild, Welch and Hyland just to name a few. Favorite run at that mountain: Any and all. Years carrying Icelantic: This is our maiden voyage into Icelantic. Super stoked to have it here in the shop! Best selling Icelantic model: To be determined. Why they carry Icelantic: Just lookin to add a sick new company like Icelantic. Glad to have you guys aboard here at The House. Burt Reynolds or John Wayne? Burt Reynolds. All day. How can you go wrong with a dirty ‘stache and a Trans Am! Beer of Choice (Brand and type) or crisp clear water? Summit. The House 200 S. Owasso Blvd. E St. Paul, MN 55117 651-482-9995

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