For the past year independent film maker Harrison Buck has been working on capturing the story and the essence of Icelantic Skis from the time of conception to the present day. This Saturday Icelantic is proud and excited to unveil Harrison's new documentary titled "One Degree Celsius" for the first time ever at Battery 621.   We want to welcome our overwhelmingly supportive community to join us this Saturday in celebrating Harrison's work and celebrating the story of our company.     About the movie: One Degree Celsius is the temperature at which water molecules begin the transformation into a solid state. It is also the first feature-length documentary from filmmaker Harrison Buck.   One Degree Celsius Trailer from Harrison Buck on Vimeo.   One Degree Celsius chronicles a group of dedicated friends and skiers who with grit, determination, creativity and a pure love for the sport have started a revolution. By sticking to their core values and defying the norm by staying put in Colorado, Icelantic has set themselves apart in a quickly developing industry. Establishing themselves as a forerunner in a niche market and backed by a dedicated and passionate community of supporters, this unique team from Evergreen, Colorado has proven that as long as you remain driven anything is possible. Find your rhythm. #ODC   Movie Drops Saturday December 8th. Denver, CO   Featuring additional footage from PoorBoyz Productions and Condor Cam.   Music by: Atmosphere, Pretty Lights, Grieves, Paul Basic, Michal Menert, Mark Morris, Zack duPont, Niles Weston, and more.                

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