Six months ago Icelantic partnered up with Oskar Blues Brewery and since then have recognized a match made in Heaven. Both Icelantic Skis and Oskar Blues are local Colorado companies that pride themselves on hand crafted products of the highest quality. This November the Icey crew headed over to Lyons Colorado to visit the original Oskar Blues Brewery and begin the creation of a custom holiday beer collaboration. After a six week waiting process we headed back to put this stuff in a can and  proudly apply our custom labels before we ship it out to our retailers for Christmas. We love this beer and we love our retailers, we love all of you out there reading this, thanks for all the support HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!   We are proud to announce the Icey.P.A!!! A White I.P.A brewed by the Icelantic crew and Oskar Blues crew....   Here's how it all went down....Nothing like skis, beer, and a little music from The Infamous Stringdusters.....   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!  

Icelantic Brews Beer with Oskar Blues from Focus 4 Design on Vimeo.

  P.S. These Beer's will be available at Old Chicago's very soon!!!

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