Feast your eyes on The Nomad RKR SKNY The new SKNY series was developed as a tool for you to have just as much fun on the days without pow as those with.   We took our 4 original models and put them on a diet making them quicker edge to edge and to perform better on piste. The Nomad SKNY has the same flex and sidecut radius as the regular Nomad RKR, just skinnier.  We reduced the waist from 105mm to 85mm while keeping the same rocker profile creating a truly versatile All Mountain rocker ski.  If you are looking for a ski that is super fun, easy to ski and charges all over the mountain, the Nomad SKNY is the ski for you! Something a lot of people may not realize is just how versatile the RKR SKNY really is. Check out how well it handles the park!! This edit was created by European Icelantic athletes Marco Wynikal & Patrick Pelikan, they call themselves The Brotherz Unbound. 90 SECONDS | PATRICK PELIKAN from Brotherz Unbound on Vimeo.  

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 6.31.48 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-18 at 6.26.57 PM

Icelantic Nomad RKR SKNY in Action from OneDegreeTV on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 6.46.22 PM

                                                                                 Photo by: Andreas Eder Photography      Skier: Marco Wynikal ______ Blog entry by: Scotty VerMerris

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