Our East Coast Sales Manager Cian O'Connor and Icelantic Founder Ben Anderson had a chance to catch up with our friends at Fatty's in Connecticut. Fattys Skis & Boards is a hip, classic ski shop with a laidback, comfy, homestyle feel. They are one of the oldest ski shops in the area with over 40 years of experience in providing the best customer service and satisfaction with the latest and greatest in the winter sports industry. . IMG_5143                            Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 1.07.25 PMIMG_5150 .

. Here's a check in from Fatty's owner manager Bruce Freedman: .

Shop Name: Fatty's Skis & Boards . Where are you located? Rt. 44 in Canton CT. . How long have you been in this location? 46 years . Many of our readers are stuck at desks either in school or at work, dreaming about skiing. You've made outdoor recreation your business. When didi you pick one versus the other? High School . What makes your shop unique to your competitors? Our shop is a lifestyle. We love music, snow, snow, and good times. The music we play is as important as what we sell. . What is your bread and butter (are you focused on freeride, race or just giving your customer the best shopping experience possible)? Freeride / All Mountain . When did you start selling Icelantic Skis? Why? This year. American made, fit our philosophy - Do what you like, like what you do. . What is your top selling Icelantic ski? Nomad RKR . What happens if it snows 3 feet of snow...? (Where are you the next morning? Who runs the shop? etc...) I'm here, let the guys go. . Give us one of the craziest experiences that you've had with a customer in your shop. How did you handle it? Had a customer who is a 'know it all' and hates change. Says "new skis suck", so we told him his tune up wasn't ready and let him take a new demo out at N/C!! Turned into new skis and boots, he caught on but smiled. . What is the meanest joke you've ever played on an employee? Calling in from the hill acting as an angry customer with a bad tune up, pretending to be from Jersey!! . What does the future hold for your shop? Maybe 3'rd generation, that would be cool.

. Make sure to like Fatty's on their Facebook page and check them out at Fatty's website! . Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 1.06.59 PM

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