[caption id="attachment_1569" align="alignright" width="300"]Nick Martini profile @nickmartini[/caption] Pro skier and accomplished film maker / Founder of STEPT Productions Nick Martini is back on skis and proudly riding with Icelantic. The folks at Icelantic couldn't be more stoked to have Nick on board. Let's check in and hear from the man himself. . 1.) Of all the terrific ski companies out there today, why Icelantic? . Most of my career I have worked with big brands and it feels good to get involved with a core company that’s based right near where I live. The crew running the show is really cool and I am pumped to work with them. . 2.) What appears to be the most appealing ski so far from Icelantic? . I am on the Nomads right now which are sick for shredding all over the mountain. Later this winter I can’t wait to try out the Gypsy in some deep snow. . 3.) What are your plans / aspirations as a skier this season? . It feels so good to be healthy again. I want to spend the beginning of the season on hill as much as possible just shredding everyday. In the spring I look forward to shooting a part for the new Stept film and traveling a bunch. . 4.) What does your training regiment look like these days? . I have been going pretty hard the past few months getting ready for winter. Lots of gym, biking, and running. . 5.) What’s the scariest part of urban skiing? . For me the scariest thing is watching good friends do crazy shit. When I am skiing I feel in control of my actions, but when someone else is up you just watch and hope for the best. . 6.) Who’s killing it right now? . So many people that it is really hard to say. I look forward to watching ABM this winter, he is going hard right now. . 7.) What attracted you to urban skiing? . Growing up we watched a lot of skateboarding and snowboarding. They have been on the street scene since we were kids so that was always a big inspiration. . 8.) What’s your favorite ski movie to date? . “Groove: Requiem In the Key of Ski” by Greg Stump. . 9.) What advice would you give a young skier wanting to create a life that revolves around skiing? . Ski as much as you can, work hard, and have fun. The rest will fall into place. . 10.) Where did the name of your production company “STEPT” come from? . “Stept” has no specific meaning. We started the company when we were real young and thought it sounded right. . 11.) Craziest experience on skis? . Skiing in Haines, AK with TGR…. Or getting my spleen removed in Spokane, WA after a street crash with PBP. . 12.) Favorite place to ski? . Jackson Hole, WY . 13.) Most interesting, creative or difficult feature you’ve seen? . Anything big in AK is insane. I got my mind blown when I was up there. . 14.) Most influential person in your life? . I have a lot of mentors and idols, but my biggest influence is the Stept crew. I live with ten of my best friends who all contribute so much to my skiing and our films. _ Stay up to date for more from Nick this season. . Blog Entry By: Scotty VerMerris @scottyvermerris

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