Annie Agle at Liftopia just published a great profile article including Q & A with our man Julian Carr. Check it out, here is the link and some highlights! Julian Carr rocks out with the Gypsy, Nomad RKR, and the Seeker. .

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. "Which athletes did you admire most growing up, and who do you look up to now? . I’d say Scot Schmidt. He always gauged the terrain around him and made the most of it. He went beyond the established guidelines and found his own way. At the time, I imagined there were many skiers with Scot’s approach, but looking back, only a small handful of people were sending it like Scot. He had a huge influence on my approach to skiing. And with my past in skateboarding, it was similar to street skating: Just taking a look at the terrain in front of me, then making the most of it, and getting creative with cool lines and big airs. These days, there are countless athletes I look up to: JT Holmes, Rachael Burks, Chris Turpin, Sage, Barnhill, Ligare, Parker Cook, little Andrew Pollard, Brody Leven, Sierra Quitiquit, Treadway, and down the list…." .

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. "What’s your take on the state of the ski industry today? . It’s vibrant. The only thing that’s a liability is the weather. As far as the politics and the “scene,” it’s awesome. Most skiers are very, very interesting people. It’s fun to meet some of the people you’ve seen in the mags and movies for a long time. Then suddenly, one day you’re buddies with them and you have the opportunity to learn who they are. It’s a great industry to be a part of." .

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. "What has been your most memorable moment in skiing so far? . Too many to mention again…haha! I’ve had some insane memories in Europe, Alaska, BC, South America, Japan, all over the domestic US—all rich in travel and skiing experiences, for sure. It’s just crazy to head to a new place on the globe; then you get to these places and go straight to the meat and potatoes. For example, a couple years ago, it was April and I got a call from Rachael Burks who was at Targhee, where I had never been before. She relayed that they had received a 50? dump and she was filming in an area that was usually permanently closed. ”I’ll be right up,” I said."..... To Read more check out the full article at

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