Icelantic Skis Teaser from Inflik on Vimeo.

. Words By: Parker Blackstock Nestled in an abandoned parking, lot lies a 1989 Ford, Econoline Elite... Our home in one of B.C's street meccas called Kamloops. When we started off the season we had a few things in mind, One was to produce a film -that at the end of the day we were happy to unveil to friends family and the ski community. And two was, so we could present our hard work to the International Freeski Film Festival. Three was to get a mobile home that we could travel around B.C to find the known and the unknown spots that our province has to offer. . The group consists of 3 skiers, and one cinematographer that live in the motor home, with lots of guests along the way. We will be based out of Kamloops and venture around beautiful British Columbia to find and create, innovative features to shoot. . For our first few months the gang hit the streets hard starting in December, going to some favorite local spots. After getting our legs under us and purchasing all of our necessary street gear we made the most of the plentiful spots we had previously spotted. The group had been looking around Kamloops, previous months before receiving snow, so we could be as efficient as possible in the early months of the season. As the days were stacking, so was the footage. With fifteen spots banked by the end of mid January, our bodies were taking a beating, the cops had talked to us on countless occasions and at this point, the motorhome needed to make a relocation. . For our Next trip, we are heading up into the great white north, to explore Prince George and see what it has to offer. With a winch packed the options should be endless... _ Blog Entry: Parker Blackstock Stay up to date with these guys as they continue to bring you content over the course of the season.

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