Here's a nice realtime update from Kaylin Richardson from Norway as she is filming with Warren Miller for next year's film. . photo 5 . "Lofoten is a magical place. Huge spires shoot from the ocean to the sky unlike anything I have ever seen. It is extraordinary. It is also remote. There are no chairlifts. There are no resorts. Your turning privileges are completely reliant on your own personal manpower. . photo 2 . There are few times in my life that I have been as physically and mentally tested as I have been in the last week. Lofoten is having an unseasonably warm and dry winter which makes our long ascents even more arduous. There is powder to be had, but it is up high. Really high. To make it to those zones takes walking, hiking, skinning, scrambling, crampon-climbing, and boot-packing. "Earning your turns" has never meant more to me than it does now. . photo 1 photo 3 photo (2) . I would love to write more about the experience because there are few things that are more spectacular than skiing down windblown powder to the ocean at sunset, but I can barely keep my eyes open... because in a short eight hours it starts again." . photo 4 _ Stay up to date with Kaylin's adventures right here on our First Tracks blog and on Icelantic's social media channels Twitter & Instagram: icelantic_skis Facebook:

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