The Door Step Project. : Blog post 2 .

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. At this point I am on my way to Prince George, BC to meet up with the gang to shoot more street. The boys have been up there for about a week already, and are telling me that Prince George has sick features to hit. The only thing, the forecast is calling for the temperature to plummet. . Once arriving in Prince George I met up with the boys up the Hart Highway where the motorhome is parked. One of the guys was in PG the week prior to everyone else’s arriving to scope out some spots, so we could be as productive as possible while we had everyone up North. . The first spot we headed to was at the PGARA Speedway. An old stock car race track. The boys had already set up a jump off a set of stairs sending us out into the race track. This feature made for a rad session and we all got a few shots. We had a great session using the winch for the first time. On one hit Jordan Innes sent a huge 5 and overshot the tiny tranny we had built up and snapped both his skis, and hurt his shoulder. . The next day we went to a switchback rail garden with endless possibilities but minimal speed. During the session Zam went for a walk and found a sweet curved wall to redirect landing. After the session we put a bit of work into the wallride but this feature was going to need a lot of snow moved. For the next two days we spent moving snow for this feature in -30 weather. . After spending two days building the wall ride I really wanted to get a few shots on a nice down bar that I had spotted a few days prior. So Kieran, Kaleb, Corey and I went to the spot. Kaleb and I sessioned this feature for a few hours and locked some pretty good shots, which for me put the trip right back on track. . Moving on to the next day we decided to go and scope out a quad kink that we had seen a few days earlier. As we looked at the feature it was super intimidating but Kieran and Jarred were adamant that it was possible. Once we all had a few attempts at it we all started feeling confident until jarred caught an edge and had a brutal fall, which changed all of our minds. We pulled the plug on that feature as Jarred was ripped to the Hospital. . The next and final day of the trip to Prince George arrived and so did the good light that we had been waiting for to hit the curved wallride to redirect landing feature. My first speed test was a disaster. I clipped my head on a metal drain that was sticking out of the wall. Lacerating my scalp, and exposing my skull. Shit! 14 stitches! 4 internal and 10 external to close me up! I rushed back immediately after getting stitched up to try to give the feature a go. But I unfortunately had missed the light and my opportunity to give this feature a try. . Back to Kamloops it was for me. A week and a half of healing time until I could get the stitches removed. Next in store for me was a trip to red Resort to continue my demo tour.

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