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36 hours, Helicopters, Volcanoes, and Energy Drinks… Alex Taran Recaps The "Red Bull Out Of Hell" Competition in Chile

Icelantic athlete Alex Taran tells us about her experience competing at "Red Bull Out Of Hell" in Chile.

Take a helicopter into the crater of Volcan Puyehue, Skin across the crater, climb out, circumnavigate the cumbre and ski hundreds of meters towards the valley floor.

 36 hours, Helicopters, Volcanoes, and Energy Drinks… “Red Bull Out of Hell.”

 It was October; spring in Chile, but for some reason this year winter had chosen to ignore this typically mandatory change of season, which usually comes in mid September. It was raining at my house in Las Trancas, so I headed to a small surf town to wait for a weather window. After not hearing anything from Red Bull for a week in a half, I thought I had surely missed the event. So I emailed Chopo who was organizing the event. I received an email back 12 hours later: “Competitors head south Thursday (tomorrow), race Friday (day after tomorrow)”… Shit. The volcano Puyehue was 8 hours south and I was at the beach without my ski gear...

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Checking in From Chile - Alex Taran

Pic #1 -
It's not often you're finishing your run and wishing you jumped in the back of a van to drink with friends. Either way I'm pretty lucky to have views like this is my daily life.

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Pic #2 - Sometimes the clouds part and you get serene powder turns.... This wasn't today, it's cloudy and the lower lifts are open... But I'm going to go ski more laps on the bobsled in the trees, act like a 7 year old, and enjoy the hell out of it... Peace!

- Alex Taran


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Big Skis, Little Cars, And Hitchhiking - Alex Taran Checks In From Andorra

  I never really have had much trouble hitchhiking. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a girl, or some crazy telepathic process that lets folks know I won't kill them. But today for some reason my telepathy or my incredible hair wasn't doing the trick. In retrospect it probably was...

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"Digging This Idaho Thing..." Alex Taran

This year in September if you asked me what my winter plans where you would've heard a plethora of uncertainties: SLC, Canada, or Europe... Idaho was never on my radar. But on Nov 3rd the majority of my possessions were loaded into my 1999 Toyota Tacoma heading north. I got a job...

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