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Icey Shop Spotlight - evo Denver, The New Age Of Brick And Mortar. The Great 8 And The Evolution Of "evoStyle"

Since the beginning evo has tied ecommerce to the brick and mortar experience, something that is becoming all to relevant today. Rather than trying to catch up to this type of customer experience, we have constantly been ahead of the game. We have always lived by our core values, called “The Great 8”, and at the heart of that is “evoStyle”.

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Julian Carr's Love Affair With The Nomad 125

"Whenever I look at my Nomad 125's, I am whisked away in a world far, and near, away.. A land of perfect pow skiing, with 5,000' vert couloirs. I summit a peak, inhale the perfect air, views abundant, sharpen my stare, place my Nomad125's in the snow, click in. I am ready to be one with my skis and respect, but SHRED, my surrounding. I drop in, arching turns in the pow, floating effortlessly turn to turn, playful, bouncy, responsive.. Perfect. Literally perfects skis. I gain speed, I rail turns, steady and reliable, strong skis at the same time playful. I love my Nomad 125's!"

-Julian Carr

Photo By: Will Wissman @willwiss

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"Meet Icelantic's New Crud Busting Carver - The Sabre 99



The new Sabre 99 is a crud busting carver. Its tapered shape, rockered tip flat tail and Bombproof construction allow you to effortlessly drive through any condition the mountain may offer.  If you are someone who loves to carve but enjoys getting off the groomers too, the Sabre 99 is the ski for you! 

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