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Storm Chasing And Spring Sending In Squaw Valley With Owen Leeper

 Owen Leeper has been on a tear for good snow, and as always.. cliffs to jump off of. Check out this recap of his recent skiscapades in Squaw Valley and the surrounding Sierras.

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The Life Of A Nomadic Skier - Julian Carr Checks In About His Epic Season Skiing All Over The Globe

Julian Carr turned 40 this year and it's clear that he is actually getting younger while also naturally getting wiser, and he can't stop moving! Julian and his partner Jana Rogers have traveled the world this season together documenting their adventures and dominating the social media realm inspiring other skiers to go on and get it, the way they do. To add Julian continues to progress at his big air craft. Click through to take a look!

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"Dropping in 3, 2, 1... Julian Carr and Owen Leeper put their Jedi master cliff dropping skills to use in northwest Wyoming"- Article From Freeskier Magazine

"My protocol is to align myself spiritually with each cliff I take down. It’s hyper-awareness; of the snow layers, of the trajectory, of the take off, and making sense of, and truly developing a relationship with, the air and distance I know I’ll pass through." - Juilan Carr

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