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Travis Cook: Icelantic's Research & Design Expert (part 1)

Ever wonder what goes into making your favorite pair of skis? Travis Cook is the man to talk to. The Icelantic Production and Research & Design Manager told me about their Trial and Error Prototyping process, working with outside manufacturers and where their research is leading the company. Cassi: What...

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Ben Anderson: The Icelantic Interview (part 2)

In our ongoing series, we're taking you inside the Icelantic headquarters for some one-on-one with the creators of the award winning Icelantic AT Boards. This week we continue our interview with Icelantic's founder, Ben Anderson. Cassi: How have the recent trends in Fat skis affected your designs? Ben: You know...

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Interview with Ben Anderson, founder of Icelantic AT Boards

You may have seen his bright excited blue eyes and enormous grin at Loveland, Whistler or in Washington. Ben Anderson, Founder and Domestic Sales Manager of Icelantic AT Boards, and I conversed about his idea to change the ski industry, the company and what causes his excitement. Look for him...

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