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Meet The Vanguard - An Ultra-Light Tool For Optimal Backcountry Versatility

An ultra-light backcountry ski for those who prefer not to sacrifice performance going downhill. The Vaguard 97 and Vanguard 107. Check them out!

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Take Me To Mount Church! Amy David Tells A Tale From The Lost River Range

A multi-day adventure skiing the third tallest peak in Idaho, Mount Church, in the geologically unique Lost River Range on the Vanguard 107 backcountry ski.

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High Alpine Adventuring On The Vanguard With Hayden Price

It's dark, it's cold, it's been snowing for a while. Click. Click, click. Click. Click, click. The sounds of the tech bindings attaching my feet to the feather lite skis that will gingerly grip their way up the mountain. So light it's like they aren't even there. With grace and ease I kickturn my way up the mountain, the summit getting closer with each step. Surveying snow qualities and visualizing the best descent from the peak I notice the mountains not caring that I'm there. This is for me, I find meaning in this pursuit and flow state combination. Skins are peeled from my bases and the skis take on a new life! I am exactly where I want to BE.

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36 hours, Helicopters, Volcanoes, and Energy Drinks… Alex Taran Recaps The "Red Bull Out Of Hell" Competition in Chile

Icelantic athlete Alex Taran tells us about her experience competing at "Red Bull Out Of Hell" in Chile.

Take a helicopter into the crater of Volcan Puyehue, Skin across the crater, climb out, circumnavigate the cumbre and ski hundreds of meters towards the valley floor.

 36 hours, Helicopters, Volcanoes, and Energy Drinks… “Red Bull Out of Hell.”

 It was October; spring in Chile, but for some reason this year winter had chosen to ignore this typically mandatory change of season, which usually comes in mid September. It was raining at my house in Las Trancas, so I headed to a small surf town to wait for a weather window. After not hearing anything from Red Bull for a week in a half, I thought I had surely missed the event. So I emailed Chopo who was organizing the event. I received an email back 12 hours later: “Competitors head south Thursday (tomorrow), race Friday (day after tomorrow)”… Shit. The volcano Puyehue was 8 hours south and I was at the beach without my ski gear...

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4 Feet Of Fresh Powder, Pictures And Drone Footage To Prove It - Owen Leeper Is Off To A Good Start For The Season In Jackson Hole

Icelantic athlete Owen Leeper checks in with us about how good skiing has been over the holiday in Jackson with pictures to prove it.

Christmas week in Jackson Hole - 48" of snow since monday, Jackson Hole skiing was the best of the year this last week.

O_leeps leaping at Jackson Hole. PC: Janelle Smiley

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