Icelantic was started as an idea. This idea turned into focus and this focus turned into reality. Through a lot of hard work from a group of passionate friends, Icelantic came to life. Check out the whole story above!

One Degree Celsius is the temperature in which water molecules begin to transform into their solid state.  This transformation creates a world we love - one of snowy mountains, untracked lines and grand adventure. For us, it also represents the delicate balance of wonder and structure, and its role in our lives both on and off the mountain.

 100% of Icelantic’s products are handmade in the US of A.  We utilize the highest quality materials and work with only the best manufacturers who mastered their craft and take pride in everything they do.  Domestic manufacturing not only supports our local economy but also allows us to take a hands-on approach to the manufacturing process ensuring that we are consistently offering the best products to you.   MAKE LOCAL THINK GLOBAL

What does #ReturnToNature mean to us?
To us it means getting outside, feeling your heartbeat,
listening to the snow falling silently to the ground.   Connecting.   
On a deeper level, #ReturnToNature is a simple reminder for us to breathe deeply; to sit in stillness and enter the wilderness in our own psyche.  We all carry the entrance to this place of renewal with us, and so often we look somewhere else for it.   Returning to nature is returning to self, to those things that feed us, teach us, show us and grow us.   Everything we need and want, our purpose here on this earth already exists, and if you’ve forgotten this, or are just waking up to the idea,


 Since year 1, Artist Travis Parr has created the original artwork for every one of Icelantic’s top-sheets. As a Co-Founder, Artist and Art Director for Icelantic Skis, Parr has had the opportunity to help create the artistic story year after year, supporting the dynamic nature of art at Icelantic. Parr’s goal is to create and maintain an environment that support the multiple facets of Icelantic: Community, Lifestyle, and the idea of evolving the human existence through an appreciation for the arts, good business practices and the connection with nature.

"Action / Reaction. Humans and their environment are irrevocably interconnected. I begin by using texture and color to hint at the invisible ... emotional energy – on the canvas. Then the human subject evolves, capturing and reacting to that energy and emotion.- providing a glimpse of the complex and broad spectrum of self." PARR   

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