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4 Resorts In 4 Days - Owen Leeper Shows And Tells About Ski City Shootout In Salt Lake

I headed down to Salt Lake to meet up with Ryan Day Thompson to shoot for the Ski City Shootout. 8 Teams of 4, including one photographer and three athletes would shoot one day at Alta, Snowbird, Brighton and Solitude. At the end of the week all the photographers submit two photos from each resort for a chance to win over $11,000 in different categories. On our team was me, Amy Jane David, Carlo Travarelli and Ryan.

Above: Owen Leeper airing Alta Backcountry PC: Carlo Travarelli

Here is the first cliff I hit at Alta on day one. Not the softest landing, but stomped it and went up for more.

Above: Owen Leeper airing at Brighton Ski Resort PC: Amy Jane David

The second day we went to Brighton Resort. We all hit a couple cliffs and found some powder turns as well.

Above: Owen Leeper skiing at Snowbird PC Carlo Travarelli

The end of the day we cruised out the backcountry gate in search of a kicker spot for sunset. We found exactly what we were looking for. We sessioned the kicker until the pink glow from sunset disappeared on the peaks and headed down to the road.

Above: Owen Leeper backflip into the sunset at Snowbird PC: Carlo Travarelli

We finished the last day at solitude, grabbing a couple powder shots and a couple hits, ending the day early with a very successful week. Here's a 15 second video showing my favorite hits of the trip that I got on video.

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